Frequently Ask Questions

How inline editing works?

Some of the pages in the admin menu allow inline editing. In order to do this:


What is an online submission?

Online submissions are submitted online by submitters. A online submission can be typed or uploaded from a file (pdf or Ms Word)

What is a batch submission?

Batch submissions are not entered directly into the system by the submitter. Instead they are sent by mail or handed in to the office that process the submission. Once these submissions are digitalised they are entered by an officer in the submission system.

how to disable IE 8 : "stop running this script?"

Open Internet Explorer. 
On the Tools menu( rigth hand side), click Internet Options. 
In the Internet Options dialog box, click Advanced. 
Click to select the Disable script debugging check box. 
Click to clear the Display a notification about every script error check box in case is checked
Click OK 


How the is assembled?

The is formed in the following ways depending on the title you choose

if the title is 'Mr' or 'Ms' or 'Mss' or 'Dr' or 'Prof' or 'Cr will be  title  + first name + last name


if the title is 'Mr and Mr'  or 'Mr and Ms' or 'Ms and Ms' or 'Mr and Mrs'  will be first part of the title(Mr/Ms)  + name one and + second part of title(Mr/Ms) + name two

  For example if you need a submission by 'Mr Mel and Mrs Vicki Crossly'

In case none of the above fit your need you always can

Choose a blank title and  will be first name + last_name

 In this case you can add any title to the first name and/or last name. If you want to join the names with 'and' add it at the end of first name

For example if you have a submission by 'President Charles Degaulle and Mademoiselle Brigitte Bardot'

How do you add new users in submissions?

Login as admin
Select People - Employees. Ignore the Users option, they automatically get added here as well.

Enter the name email address etc.
Once added, user types can be edited in the User screen:

Admin --> has full rights to the system
Employee --> can do maintenance only
User --> Ignore